Management Team

Nobilis Therapeutics’ management team includes Vlad Bogin, MD, FACP, Thomas Ichim, PhD, and Alexander Dobrovolsky, MD, PhD.  All executives contribute complementary expertise in clinical research, biopharmaceutical development, strategic planning, and business administration. The team offers nearly 50 years of combined biotechnology experience and has a successful track record in drug testing and approval. The individual members of the management team have worked together in previous successful ventures.

Dr. Vlad Bogin, MD, FACP. (President and CEO)

Dr. Bogin started his medical training at Moscow Medical Academy, then trained at Yale and Brown Universities and received his postgraduate training at the University of Rochester where he was also elected to a chief medical resident position. Dr. Bogin has been involved in the drug development cycle for over 15 years, from basic discovery research to clinical trial design and multinational phase III and IV trials. As a director at Boehringer Ingelheim he was in charge of late stage development of a leading cardiology product. As the Chairman of the Board at Medistem Inc., Dr. Bogin was instrumental in advancing the company from the preclinical to clinical stage, from a non-reporting to a fully reporting publicly trading company, and for a subsequent successful liquidity event in early 2014. Dr. Bogin maintains active medical license and hospital privileges and is an advisor to numerous companies and non-profit organizations. Dr. Bogin is an author of numerous peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and patents.

Dr. Thomas Ichim, PhD. 

Dr. Ichim has extensive experience with stem cell therapy and cellular product development through FDA regulatory pathways. Dr. Ichim spent over 7 years as the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Medistem, developing and commercializing a novel stem cell, the Endometrial Regenerative Cell, through drug discovery, optimization, preclinical testing, IND filing, and up through Phase II clinical trials with the FDA. Subsequent to the acquisition of Medistem by Intrexon, in a deal worth $26 million, Dr. Ichim was brought on to the parent company in its cell engineering unit as Vice President of Cellular Therapy. Dr. Ichim has authored over a 100 peer-reviewed papers, is inventor of over 50 patents and patent applications, and is peer-reviewer and editor of several international academic journals.

Alexander Dobrovolsky, MD, PhD.

Dr. Dobrovolsky is the Director of the Moscow Center of Psychiatric Health and Addiction Medicine. He is also a senior faculty member at the Department of Psychiatry at the Russian State Medical University in Moscow. He received his medical degree at the Moscow Medical University and his PhD in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine at the Moscow State Medical and Dental University. Dr. Dobrovolsky is one of the pioneers of noble gas therapy in Russia and has treated hundreds of patients with a variety of psychiatric and behavioral conditions. He is also a well-established clinical investigator and has participated in a large number of international clinical trials in psychiatry, addiction medicine and behavioral disturbances. Dr. Dobrovolsky has published extensively in the field of noble gas use in addiction and psychiatry and had treated over 500 patients with xenon in the Russian Federation.