Bringing Groundbreaking Treatments to Patients with Psychiatric and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Unleashing unique properties and biological effects of Noble gases for treatment of PTSD, Autism, Dementia

Combining revolutionary portable inhalation device with a safe therapeutic

Accelerated pathway of clinical development

About Nobilis Therapeutics

Nobilis Therapeutics, Inc. is a Delaware C-corporation that is focused on therapeutic uses of inert gas mixtures and development of portable devices for their self-administration.

Founded by a drug developer, a scientist and a pioneer of medical gas research, the Company has been able to capture the field and in a very short time has accomplished a tremendous amount. Nobilis Therapeutics has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Harvard University on the use of NBTX-001 to treat PTSD, filed 10 patents, and is well positioned to initiate 2 clinical trials in the coming months.

The Company has been able to attract a premier team of key opinion leaders to its scientific advisory board (link to SAB section) that have become instrumental in guiding its clinical development strategy.

Nobilis Therapeutics has completed the design of an inhalational device that will be used for its PTSD clinical trial at Harvard University and is actively working on the development of Zephyrus™, a portable hand-held device for self-administration of NBTX-001.